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Pryce Business Park

pryce business park 

Although it has not been proclaimed by PEZA as a PEZA Accredited IT Park, the Pryce Business Park located along J.P Laurel (near Victoria Plaza) is home to a number of IT or IT related firms in Davao City. It has three existing buildings namely the 17 storeys LANDCO TOWER, the 15 storeys PRYCE TOWER, and the two storeys DIGITAL INTERFACE.



Pryce Business Park applied for a PEZA certification years ago but was denied for some undisclosed reasons. I really wonder why when in fact other areas in Visayas and Mindanao had been accredited by PEZA and to think Pryce Business Park is more advanced and bigger than those PEZA approved IT zones.

In spite of it, Pryce Business Park is still the preferred business address for some multinational companies and huge IT / ITes firms in Davao City. It is also contributing in the growth of the Silicon Gulf. For those who do not know, Davao City is also officially known as the Silicon Gulf which refers to the robust growth of the IT and ITes (BPOs) industries in the region.

The park’s advantage is its location. It is minutes away from the Davao International Airport and seaports, from the downtown area, and other commercial districts in Davao. It is also conveniently located across a shopping mall.

Anyway, this Kadayawan the business park will transform (for a day or two) into a tourism destination as it will host the Durian Festival. See you there!

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