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A city within the city – The Riverfront!

Imagine this…….It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and you feel like having a brisk walk. You step outside of your residence. You get out of your gate and you started roaming around your subdivision. Five to six blocks later, you noticed a vast theme park but no one is around. Oh yeah..you forgot it’s still five o clock in the morning. So you passed by the theme park and few meters away you reached a riverside. Hmmmm….a riverside near a themepark? oh well, you can hear the sound of the rushing river. There’s a river walk – a platform where you can hangout and enjoy the scenery of the river. You’re attention was caught by a loud greeting, “Maayong Buntag Sir!”. Then you realized that it’s already 6 am. A group of service crews has just arrived in the resto bar located few steps from the riverside. A restobar in the riverside? You wonder……….Then you’re cellphone rang…It’s your associate and he called to confirm his breakfast meeting with you at around 7am. Damn to early aight? So you rushed down the streets…head back to your place….Took a bath and has managed to have done all the early morning rituals before 7am. But it’s already 6:45 am? How would you beat the traffic? How would you reach the office on time? Oh…that’s not a problem at all…you forgot the fact that you live in Riverfront. A city within a city. Haven’t I told you that your office building is just across where you live?

Davao Riverfront Corporate City

The highlighted boxes within the circle symbolize the buildings @ the Business Park area. The higlighted region in the left portion is the site of St Paul. The highlighted area near the entrance (lower right portion) is the site of the upcoming mall. 

Davao Riverfront Corporate City is masterplanned to be a self sufficient city within Davao City. It’s been patterned after the concept of New Urbanism. It is a self contained community where you can do it all – live, work, and play. It will have corporate offices in the  well secured 45 hectare Business Park. It literally is the business point and the center of commerce in this city. It is an ideal business address in Davao.

At the heart of the development is a themed commercial center with restaurants, arcades, boutiques, theatres, and other zones for leisure, recreation, and entertainment. Today, within the park is St. Paul College – an exclusive school, the on going construction of Ranchos Palos Verdes Country Club – for leisure and recreation, and a soon to be built shopping mall. The tourism belt is already existing – The Butterfly House, The Riverwalk, The Davao Crocodile Park, and The Davao Wild Water Adventure.

Davao Riverfront Corporate City

I have talked with Ms Daphne Labit, Sales Admin staff of Orchard Properties – the marketing arm of Sta Lucia Realty that promotes and markets the said project. She said that they officially launched this project last 2004. The residentials lot are almost sold out, with only 5 remaining lots out of more than 100 lots. The commercial lots and the lots in the business park are 80% sold out. In fact, many of the lot owners have already submitted their proposal for the buildings that they’re planning to build. With Sta Lucia, the building plan has to be submitted first and be approved by Sta Lucia Realty before it can be built. However, the owners still have to reach the 50% payment before they can start the construction. Today, Orchard is more focused in marketing the remaining commercial lots. In five years time, expect for highrises and other developments within this city.

The Riverfront Corporate City is an exciting development in Davao. Such development only proves that our city is arising economically. Physical developments can be observed in any corner of the metropolis. Truly, our place is evolving into a global city.

Now going back  to our imagination game few minutes ago…The day is almost over. You have closed a deal. You’re business associate was happy with your proposal. Now it’s time to play. So you have three options…See Pangil, the largest crocodile in the country @ Davao Crocodile Park, be one with nature and appreciate the beauty of the butterflies @ The Butterfly House, or seek adventure and have an adrenaline rush- go white water rafting @ the Davao Wild Water Adventure. It’s you’re choice…Good thing you live in the city within Davao City- enjoying life in a city where business and leisure blends well….Riverfront Corporate City!


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4 Responses

  1. warfi says:

    can you please tell me the contact number of St. Paul College Davao? Do you have any idea if St. Paul – Davao will open college department like other St Paul branches? Thank you for the update about this project of Sta Lucia…

  2. ian says:

    for real poh! ba talaga yan? sabi po kasi ng friends ko na hindi daw yan 22o

  3. adRian says:

    22o ba talga 2… kung 22o.. WOW!!.. dinaig na makati..

  4. jun says:

    atik rana oi

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