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Kadayawan Festival Trivias!

 Did you know?

– that Kadayawan Festival  was once called as “Apo Duwaling” which is a contraction of the icons of Davao City – Mt Apo, Durian, and Waling Waling.

– that it was renamed to “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” to better reflect the merry spirit and indigenous theme of the celebration.

– that Dayao, the root word of Kadayawan, is a Dabawnon word meaning “good/superior/superb”. It’s derivative Madayaw is an all positive lumad word that connotes happines, beauty, bounty festivity, and a good fortune.

– that it used to be a cultural rite, where ethnic tribes around Mt. Apo gathered to celebrate the bountiful harvest.

– that it is considered as one of the oldest festivals in the country. However, Kadayawan was institutionalized in 1986.

– that it transformed into the festival of festivals in the late 90s. Before other cities in the country used the phrase “festivals of festival” for promotion purposes, Kadayawan was and still is definitely the festival of festivals as seen by the number of festivals and events within Kadayawan Festival. Participants and festival dancers all around Mindanao converge in Davao during the Kadayawan to be part of the islands biggest and grandest festival.

– that the first floral float parade in the country (before Penagbenga) is Kadayawan’s Floral Float Parade.

– that the Kadayawan Festival 2004 was the first regional fiesta/festival that was broadcasted live nationwide and worldwide through ABSCBN’s Studio 23, ABSCBN International, and ABSCBN Regional Network Group. Live regional coverages were then followed in places such as Cebu, Baguio, Iloilo, and other cities.

– that Kadayawan Festival took the centerstage during the travel exhibit attended by the Philippines in Korea just this year.

—–Do you know other trivias? feel free to post it as a comment. Thanks


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