A New Davao Arises!

Bringing you what’s new in the city and upcoming to Davao!

It’s our first monthsarry! Maraming Salamat Po!


Today marks the first month since NeoDavao was conceptualized and started. And I would like to thank the first 1,018 visitors who visited the blog this month! Thank you for the comments, suggestions, and taking time to read and stay here in NeoDavao.

Last month, we have talked about several developments in Davao such as the new projects in our IT industry like the establishment of NCCC IT Pavillion and SM CITY Davao IT Park, the upcoming animation school in Davao, the Davao IT Incubation Center, and the upcoming 6th Mindanao ICT Congress and 1st BIMP EAGA ICT Summit.

Then there were some press releases about the robust growth of the real estate and construction industry in the city today. We have enlisted the proposals, underconstructions, and newly constructed buildings in and around Metro Davao. We also have the ondits or rumored projects such as the Ayala Business Park. There was also a posted news arcticle regarding the construction of three highrise towers in Davao somewhere in the northern part of the city. We have also posted a snapshot of the future site of a shopping mall in Davao. Talking about shopping, we also featured Chimes Mall located in Chinatown District.

We have also posted a news article regarding the ongoing film shoot of Josh Hartnett’s movie in Mt Diwalwal. Then, we also provided the first of the series of tips on building an extra source of income in the city. We ended the month with a post with the description of the upcoming SM CITY DAVAO IT PARK.

It’s been a great month for Davao City and NEO DAVAO. Now that we are on the second month, we expect this month to be better than before. Good things and blessings will surely be poured in the lovely city of Davao. Join us here in NEO Davao as we watch the global city on the rise!


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