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Entrepreneurship: Building an extra source of income in Davao series.

I am relaunching one of my blog’s categories to provide info about Davao’s entrepreneurship and some business ideas. Starting today, I’ll be posting business ideas that are fit for Davao’s market and the city’s current economic status. Ideas that we (as employees) can use to build an extra source of income or who knows, be the future source of our wealth. So lemme give my best shot and I hope this would help us all:

Be a realtor

Want to have an extra source of income in Davao? Then be a realtor. No need for huge moolah to start this business. No need for an office space and employees. All you gotta do is to get accredited to some of the real estate development firms in the city. Normally, they would let you attend an accreditation seminar, take some exams, and when you pass – you’ll get your accreditation certificate, id, and a go signal to start selling their properties.

Now how much will you earn…you ask? Normally, an inhouse real estate agent would be provided 2 to 4 percent commission of the property’s total contract price minus the taxes. So, if you would be able to close a deal of around 2 million pesos provided that the offered commission incentive is , let’s say 3%, then your commission would be around 60,000 pesos….Not bad for an extra income?

How will I start? Visit the real estate companies in the city such as Orchard Properties Marketing Corp, Uraya Land, DMCI, CrownAsia, Filinvest, and others. Join their accreditation seminar and get certified. If you wish to build your own company focusing on this, then you also have the option to take the broker licensure exam.

Then attend their marketing caravans, open house events, mall exhibits or other expos being provided by the company. You may also market these properties online through building your own website, blog, or simply posting it on online forums or even online social networking portals.

Why am I suggesting this business? Today, Davao’s real estate industry is experiencing a robust growth. Residential and commercial estates are being constructed around Davao with OFWs and foreign retirees as the market.

As an average Dabawenyo, you have two choices:

First, observe and appreciate this development in our lovely city or

Second, awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and join the bandwagon of the new real estate agents in Davao and in the country building their wealth through charisma, salesmanship, and hardwork minus the huge financial investment.

To be continued…


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  1. Grace says:

    This write-up makes me smile…this is just what I am doing now. The licensure exam’s schedule is tentatively on February 2011, may the Lord bless all the agents who will take it to become Realtors (licensed real estate brokers). Andyan na ang RESA hehe

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