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My take on the Davao-CDO Economic Corridor Plan

Mr Manual Jamoner, Infrastructure Development Officer of the USAid-funded Growth for Equity Mindanao proposed for a creation of Davao – CDO Economic Corridor. According to him, the creation of a economic corridor would allow for a faster and more efficient traffic of goods in the area to the transshipment hubs.

The good performance of the port of Davao and the promising infrastructure in the newly created Mindanao Container Terminal in Misamis Oriental has made the two the most competent transshipment hubs in Mindanao.

It is actually a good plan. But some are not amenable to it. I am a member of an online forum and here’s one of the comments regarding this initiative:

“Ang pagkakaalam ko the consolidation of port operations is between the CDO Port & the MICT kasi mga 20-30 kms. distance lang at relatively pareho ang markets ng dalawa CDO Port being the biggest and MICT as the most modern in Mindanao.

A Corridor is more feasible kung neighboring lang yung lugar tulad ng CDO-Iligan, Clark-Subic o Cebu-Mactan. Pagtuunan muna nila ng pansin ang original plan to make CDO – Iligan Corridor an economic success bago mag-shift nanaman ng framework.”

I respect my friend’s opinion, however, I do not believe that an economic corridor is limited by distance. Here’s my take on this:

In my point of view, i think the reason for this is that they are looking at the economic development of the island as a whole and not with a particular area of the island only. And to think that Davao is the economic hub of the Southern part of the island connecting this to its counter part in the North would definitely spur economic development in nearby cities as well. The proposal will not halt the existing CDO-Iligan Corridor initiative. In fact, it would further strengthen it.

The economic corridor concept is not limited by distance.

On 1998, the Ministerial Conference of Greater Sub-Mekong Region initiated the East-West Economic Corridor which involved four countries namely Laos, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Here in the Philippines, some Filipinos are only aware of the local economic corridors such as Subic and Clark or Cdo and Iligan. However, just this year the Kaohsiung-Subic Bay-Clark economic corridor has been established. Direct flights between Kaohsiung and Taipei and Subic Bay and Clark are also being mulled to integrate tourism into the corridor.

Thus, a creation of an economic corridor between Davao and CDO is not impossible or doable at all. If these countries and cities were able to establish it considering its distance, then why cant we? The creation of the Kaohsiung-Subic Bay-Clark economic corridor doesnt mean the suspension of the existing Subic and Clark Economic Corridor. And this should be the case in Mindanao too. CDO and Iligan – successful as it is, would complement Davao as how Davao can complement the other two in terms of business and trade. Davao considered as the center and literally close to the ports of Brunei Indonesia Malaysia / or the BIMP EAGA and CDO being the transhipment hub for Visayas and Mindanao would definitely be a good tandem in promoting the island’s economic growth.

To sum it all up…it’s a win-win situation


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2 Responses

  1. mindanaw says:

    Hi Tj, this is interesting. Thanks for posting. What exactly is within that “Davao-CDO corridor” plan? Will they widen roads along the way? Will they put up new facilities? Are they putting up an economic authority looking at the two urban centers? Or is it just a marketing or packaging blitz? Already, the two cities are “necessarily” complementing each other. Yes CDO has the advantage because of its proximity to inter-island travel and Davao for the BIMP_EAGA, although its not yet much on the roll.
    By the way, let’s exchange links ha? I’ll add you to my blogroll. Thanks.

  2. tjbrewed says:

    Thnx for visiting, Ive already added u to my blogroll…thnx.

    The Davao CDO Economic Corridor Plan is a proposal of Mr Manual Jamoner- Infrastructure Development Officer of the USAid-funded Growth for Equity Mindanao. Although he did not provide any specific details, he mentioned that the corridor will be maximized if more infrastructures will be in placed such as railroad network, tunnels, and more lanes in the road.

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