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Chimes in Chinatown

Chimes is a little mall located within Davao’s Chinatown District. It is considered as a specialty mall as it is home to a number of high end brands and special items that cannot be found in Davao’s mainstream malls. Think about it as Davao’s answer to Makati’s Rustan. Although not the physical structure of the establishment but the products it carries and its market.

So if you’re in Davao, and you want to stay away from alot of people or tired of roaming around a huge boxy type mall, then Chimes is the place for you. Chimes also offers a variety of dining experience as it is the headquarter of popular restobars such as Banana Leaf, Figaro, and alike.

Image356.jpg picture by tj_brewed

Image357.jpg picture by tj_brewed

Image359.jpg picture by tj_brewed

Image358.jpg picture by tj_brewed


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6 Responses

  1. mindanaw says:

    I find your blog a breather. Its is neat, clean and readable. It also has good content. Keep on blogging!

  2. nickilo says:

    Hey… saw your comment thanx
    Can I ask how you customized your blog? Your banner and those cool stuffs you put on the sidebar are cool. Don’t know how to do it…. I say yeah to your link exhange offer BTW. For the mean time, I’ll continue learning the art of blogging.

  3. tjbrewed says:

    Hi..thnx for visiting my blog mindanaw. And thnx for the compliments too..I really appreciate it….

  4. tjbrewed says:

    Nickilo – Im using widgets. By the way, i ll add u both to my blogroll..thanks

  5. suzy mae says:

    Iwnt to go chinatown

  6. geena says:

    hi im from davao but i work in kuwait i like to shop in chimes its so cool and less tao … hope u will expand pa and add more coffe shop like starbucks etc. … i remember when i was still young i always tell my dad and mom to go to felcris to shop and hang out kasi its more tahimik relaxing

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