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Kadayawan Festival!

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August….the month of the Festival of Festivals in Davao! The month of Kadayawan! This year marks the 22nd year of the Kadayawan Festival.

_kada8.jpg picture by tj_brewed

 So what is Kadayawan? Here’s an info from Kadayawan’s official website: Kadayawan is from the word Dayaw. It is a warm and friendly Dabawenyo greeting that means good, valuable, superior, or beautiful. Such is “Kadayawan”, a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of the harvest and serenity of living.

_kada42.jpg picture by tj_brewed

 Today, Kadayawan has metamorphosed into a festival of festivals, the mother of many other fesivals in the region as it honors Davao’s heritage, its past personified by the ancestral “lumads”, its people as they celebrate on the streets, and its floral industry as they parade in full regalia in thanksgiving for the blessings bestowed on the city.

_kada37.jpg picture by tj_brewed

Piles of various farming instruments, from knives to bolos to sticks used to till the soil, harvest fruits and gather flowers. Baskets of fruits, trays of colorful native orchids, rice and corn grains, fruits and vegetables were religiously displayed on mats. A familiar scene on the village squares of old Dabaw, all these in thanksgiving to the Almighty for the year’s bountiful harvest.

_kada25.jpg picture by tj_brewed  

This ritual of Pahinongod is still practiced by modern Davaoeños. Thus, the Kadayawan. 

_kada16.jpg picture by tj_brewed

Kadayawan Festival is considered as the grandest and most celebrated festival in the island. It is one of the pillars of the Philippine festivals.

_kada6.jpg picture by tj_brewed

pics courtesy of paul borromeo of flickr.com


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