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Want to start an IT Business in Davao?

Incubation VansSmall to midsize entrepreneurs or technopreneurs who want to build an IT biz in Davao is simply blessed. If you do not have the moolah but you got the idea, then Davao City is simply the best place for you.

Before Silicon Valley became what it is today, the area was once filled with small time IT business players who started their research, software development, and their businesses inside their garages. Today, it is home of the world’s major IT players such as Intel, Sun Microsystem, and Google. Davao folks are more lucky than those from Silicon Valley before because of the presence of an ICT Incubation Center. So, are you thinking out of the box? Do you have IT business idea? Then Davao IT Incubation Center is there willing to assist you along the way.

The Davao ICT Incubation Center is the only ICT Incubation to date in the island and the second in the entire country. It is a joint venture of 3G Communinacations International and Brokenshire Learning Systems Inc. Its aim is to support the local technopreneurs and provide assistance such as access to financing and business networks, facilities,  and technology among others.

The center incubates start up IT businesses for a year and are provided free space for research and development and other services in exchange for a share in the equity of the newly-formed organization. 

The center is consist of 14 colorful container vans with the secific purpose of assisting and developing technology-oriented SMEs until they become full-fledged businesses. The vans are air-conditioned and contain computers and IT equipment that are needed by the start-ups.

Fore more info or if interested to be part of the ICT Incubation Center, you may visit www.ebrokenshire.com.


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  1. Clarizza Masigan says:

    Good day sir/madam, im quite interested on this bussiness, IT biz using container vans. How could i join this?

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