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Davao: A Party Capital – Check out Wheels and More Drive!

I love to party. When I was still in Davao, I used to hangout with friends during weekends in some of the craziest and liveliest party enclaves in the metro.

Party and having a nightlife is also one of the ingredients in a dynamic and vibrant city. Superficial aint it? Nah, I dont think so. I dare you to name a global city with a boring nightlife or no night life at all. Hmmm…I bet no one can. New York, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Sydney, Bangkok, or even Cebu. Just few of a number of popular global cities in the world today. Their similarites? ………Nightlife!

Davao is definitely the party and nightlife capital of the island. It is one of the entertainment hubs in Southeast Asia. In fact, it is the city in the island  where the nightlife is most alive!

One of my favorite party enclaves in Davao City is Wheels and More Drive. It’s been a year since I last visited this area. It is an entertainment strip filled with bars and restos. I was surfing the net when I bumped into some of the photos of Wheels and More Drive. To those who have not been to Davao yet or to Davaoenos who missed Wheels and More Drive that much, I hope you’ll enjoy these pics. The pics are courtesy of Rofie from flickr.com.

davao nights

davao nights

Wheels and More Drive is located along J.P Laurel Avenue. So if you’re a party afficionado and new in Davao or would be visiting the place, then Wheels and More Drive is worth checking! Enjoy!


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