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Chinatown…Here I come!

There are a number of self proclaimed and so called Chinatowns in the Philippines. But there are only two which are officially recognized and legally declared chinatowns – one in Binondo Manila and the other is our very own Davao’s Chinatown.

 Today, our friend and councilor Peter Lavina along with the Dabaw Kaisa Foundation (the Tsinoy / Chinese Filipino association in the city), and Mayor Rudy Duterte will launch the second of the 4 proposed Chinese arches in Davao’s Chinatown. The Arch of Unity which will be erected at the end of the Magsaysay Avenue will compliment the first arch (which is underconstruction as I write this blog) located in the entrance area of the Chinatown (along the starting point Magsaysay Avenue near Jones Circle and old Reolsyl Terminal).

We do not have the rendering of the second arch but for sure this would be similar to the first entrance arch. To our fellow Dabawenyos who have not seen it yet, here’s the rendering of the first arch and the pic to date of the construction.

This landmark by Architect Arnel Villacampa is inspired by the 400-year old architectural designs of Yuan Garden in Shanghai, China. The columns will be designed similar as the bamboo, a traditional construction material of the Chinese. The archway is embellished with fish and pearl, the symbols of the Villa-Abrille Family whose ancestry originated from Amoy, China, now Xiamen – text from mom-about-town.

u/c pix by junax from skyscrapercity davao e-group (as of July 2007)


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6 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    I rushed for another appointment and failed to ask Arch. Daniel Lim for a copy of the arch design. I’ll post it when available.


  2. tj_brewed says:

    thnx for keeping us updated konsehal!

  3. riajose says:

    I’ll try to get a better picture of the rendering of the first arch. 😉

  4. tj_brewed says:

    thnx ria! By the way, the second arch looks different from the first arch. It’s awesome too!

  5. dinabaw says:

    Hi teej ! congats in your 1 month anniversary! btw i passed by the U/C Arch and they already finishing the columns , and seen the roof attached w/ metal sheets , i guess its the roof prepartion for the shingle or tile roof.

  6. dinabaw says:

    another thing hehe i was wondering “chinatown” is getting yellow literally, i think there some kind of arrangement that unpainted old bldgs must be painted in yellow hehe just my guess CU SOON.

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