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Animation School to be set up in Davao City

Sunstar  Davao Online
By Joy Romares-Sevilla

A TOP official of a Manila-based company Wednesday said they are looking for an area in Davao City where they can establish an animation school in two months time.

Rhizaldy Reblora, president of the Another Level Consultancy Inc., said the animation school will be known as the Creative Vision Development Center, which will be set up in support for the animation studio that will also be established in the city in the first quarter of 2008.

“Our production center will be set up here in Davao, but our editing group will be in Manila. Davao will be the production site,” Reblora said, adding that he sees a lot of potential Dabawenyos who will stand out in terms of animation.

“We are also planning to put up an animation movie that will completely showcase the cultural side of the Filipinos and promote the local destinations of the Philippines,” he said.

Reblora claimed his company really wants to expand its operation in Davao, thus the establishment of a school and a studio.

Reblora, on the other hand, said he already visited a site for the construction of the school that is accessible to the people, but failed to divulge as to where the site is located.

Creative Vision Development Center will use the same equipment and technologies the foreign countries are using in making animation films.

“Instead of sending people in the US to study animation, we’re going to do it here, we will use the same technology other countries use, what makes us different from them is that we are more creative, Dabawenyos are creative people,” Andrei Fournier, member of the Board of Trustees of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) who also supports Reblora’s undertaking, said.

On the other hand, Reblora encourages parents to entice their children to take up any technology course because it offers big opportunity in the future.

“The country is already technology-driven, today, it’s all about software that controls everything, there’s a big opportunity and big potential that’s why we are expanding operation in Davao,” Reblora said.


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11 Responses

  1. Samjo says:

    It’s great!!!! I want to pursue my animation here nalang in Davao. I once studied in First Academy of Computer Arts in Makati City. Modeling module di ko pa nga natapos. Pero pag destiny ko talaga to, mag-a-animator talaga ako. Sa mga Dabawenyos diay (Davao City, Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte (including Comval), Davao Oriental og bisan asa dire sa Mindanao, just puesue your dreams. Wag matatakot. Good luck sa inyo!!!!

  2. samjoseph says:

    “at” diay, dili “in” hehehe. Goodluck to all of you folks especially those with artistic flair!

  3. Irwin says:

    Sa lahat ng gustong maging animator dito sa Mindanao, pagkakataon na natin ito.

  4. Jake Cuamag says:

    Oh my God!? I’ve been dreaming for this opportunity since yesterday (Just kidding). Since I was in High School, I’ve been thinking about working as one of Japan’s top animator. As this serves as a good news, my plan changed. I want to be one of the best Filipino Animators! Remember: ONE of the best! It means we Filipino rocks in animation. Admit it we are just poor in materials but we are very rich in skills and talents. So, when is it going to be? I mean the animation studio? When I’ll die? Build it now! Build it guys! Build the studio to make young Filipinos’ dreams come true!

  5. Charles Marc M. Cuartero says:

    I am interested to study animation and where can i find the school for animation in davao city and how long will it takes then what are the requirements and how muc is the compensation my contact Number +639075907572

  6. Dan says:

    I would love to study animation here in Davao. Please anyone who could help me find this school, I’ve been searching the net for animation school in Davao but I cant find 1. wew

  7. Jan Philip Hontiveros says:

    arghh!!! I want to be an animator!!! please tell me where this school is.. huhuhuhu..

  8. leslie plasabas says:

    ano po name ng school? san po address nila sa davao? please tell me po. thanks!! 🙂

  9. im from davao and im a IT Student but my dream course is animation and i want to pursue that dream but what is the best school to take a animation course?
    txt me to this numbere +639474096179

  10. nurhakin diale says:

    i’ve always dreamed to be an animator. .im soo glad my dreams shall soon be coming true.!! for those who dream to be an animator. .never stop pursuing your dreams. . i hope they will build the school for dabawenyos animator asap!!haha. so glad i’ve read this news.:) if they will able to find the location where to build this “school” here in davao. . please1000000x tell us!! im begging you!!

  11. minawa ayumu says:

    i hope im not dreaming! i hope this article about making a school for animators is true. .coz i really3x want to take animation course, it is my ultimate dream since i was in highschool. .^^ it sure dreams do come true!!! thanks to GOD.^^i will do my very best to be one of the BEST animator here in davao!! 😀

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