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Davao City’s Food Complex

by RG Alama

Davao City — The Department of Agriculture has voiced its support for the review and resolution of the proposed Davao Food Exchange and Terminal Complex in Daliao, Toril, about 18 kilometers away from Davao City proper.

Speaking during the 7th Davao City Business Conference held last Friday (July 20) at the Davao Convention Center. DA Undersecretary Emmanuel Paras said that he supported the resolution of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry in calling for a review and implementation of the project.

“Undoubtedly, this is an enormous project that requires not only huge capital but more importantly sustained with strong involvement of the major stakeholders.” Paras said.

The identified stakeholders in the project include the Davao City Government, the Southern Philippines Construction Core Group (SPCCG), the National Develoment Company, the Department of Trade and Industry, Development Bank of the Philippines and the DA.

“Once this undertaking pushes through we at the DA would participate in the provision of technical and if needed be logical assistance.” Paras said reiterating the support of his agency.

The proposed Food Complex, is the site of the old 24-hectare Davao Ramie Textile (DARATEX) complex owned by the National Development Company and was used to produce ramie textile until the mid 1960s. The planned Food Complex will be an agricultural economic processing zone spurring livelihood and economic opportunities.

“We therefore rally behind and fully support your group for reviving this project that would further solidify Davao as the agribusiness capital of the Philippines.” Paras said.

The Food Complex is part of the priority projects of the National Government for Mindanao super-region under the Supra-Region development plan and the “8 by 08” agenda which aims for sustained economic growth through investments in economic infrastructure of the respective mega-regions. (PIA XI)


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  1. JC says:


  2. tj_brewed says:

    The best agency that can provide these info is the DAVAO CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

  3. nash says:

    Hi.. I just want to have info about the Project. What is its development now? Hope you can reply to my email at mc_nsh@yahoo.com

    Thank you and mabuhay!

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