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Davao Business Chamber presents resolutions in Davao business conference

by RG Alama

Davao City  — The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry has presented six resolutions during the 7th Davao City Business Conference held last Friday (July 2009) at the Davao Convention Center.

The resolutions embodies the advocacy of the DCCCI which centers on greening and beautification, tourism, assessment of the zoning ordinance, the Food Terminal complex and the banning of kite and balloon-flying near the airport.

The resolutions are then submitted to the respective offices and departments of the City Government, the City Council, different National government agencies and other groups for appropriate action on their petitions.

The first resolution, calls for a city beautification program to be drafted by the City Planning and Development Office. The plan would sustain a comprehensive beautification program which would tap the private sector that would enhance the City’s beauty particularly helping the tourism efforts in the City.

The second resolution urges the tourism groups/ associations in the City to develop a unified strategic plan which would promote Davao City as a tourist destination. Also embodied in the resolution is the call for the strengthening of the Tourism Council as a coordinating body.

The third resolution urges the City Government to push for the re-assessment and review of the zoning ordinance which would take into account the actual and historical usage and possibly consider the concept of multi-zoning in the city’s barangays. The resolution says that the reassessment of the zoning ordinance would enhance business opportunities and make the use of land more efficient.

Resolution no. 4 calls for the City government to create or if already existing reinforce regulations or ordinances particularly the ‘Davao-A city in bloom program,’ for the greening of the city by planting trees and promoting the utilization of living plants inside buildings and houses not only for beautification but also to reduce pollution.

The fifth resolution urges the City Government and the National Government agencies involved to seriously review and implement the proposed P1-billion Food Complex in Daliao, Toril, 18 kilometers from the city proper, which as of now has not yet taken off and is still hanging in limbo.

Resolution no. 6 urges the Sangguniang Panglungsod to amend an earlier City Ordinance which would include banning the flying of kites, balloons and remote-controlled planes, the raising of doves or pigeons within the radius of 5 kilometers from the fence of the Davao International airport and within 12 kms. of the final approach of runways 23 and 05.

The sixth resolution aims to prevent major accidents involving aircraft particularly that kites, balloons, remote-controlled airplanes, doves and pigeons pose a major hazard to approaching civilian and military aircraft. The resolution cites the incident in Lapu-Lapu Cebu in which the cause of a Philippine Air Force chopper crash was traced to a kite.

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