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7th Davao Business Conference to focus on agri issues


DAVAO CIT Y– The 7th Davao City Business Conference (DCBC) will focus its agenda on issues affecting agriculture, with key government officials leading the discussion with over a hundred participants, mostly from the business sector.

Initiated by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII) and after a series of consultation, the business sector deemed it appropriate to address agriculture issues, which are a major concern.

DCCCII president Atty. Domingo Duerme however said that other than agriculture, there are other issues surrounding other sectors of the Davao City business community, thus an annual DCBC is held to discuss in a dialogue or plenary session with the City Mayor.

The DCBC ’07 will be held on July 20, 2007 at the Davao Convention and Trade Center at F. Torres Street.

DCCCII focal person for DCBC Mahal Cossid in an interview said that Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap will discuss on “Strengthening the capabilities of Davao City agri sector for continuous economic development”, Department Trade and Industry Undersecretary Tomas Aquino will focus on the “Industry sector’s Capability to market product locally and internationally” while Department of Science and Technology Undersecretary Maripaz Perez on “Employing new technology/techniques to agri productivity”.

Cossid also said that there will be a report on updates of resolution that were passed during the 6th DCBC to apprise the members on actions taken on the issues raised during the previous conference.

During the 7th DCBC about six resolutions will be presented among others urging the City Planning and Development Office to draft a city beautification program and to involve the private sector particularly the Horticulture industry in the program; to develop a unified strategic plan to promote Davao City as a tourist destination; to revisit and review the Zoning Ordinance; to reinforce regulations or ordinance promoting the “greening” of the city by planting trees and putting plants inside buildings/houses to lessen the effects of pollution; urging Malacanang to establish a Food Terminal for Southern Mindanao to be located in Davao City; and urging the Sangguniang Bayan of Davao City to amend Ordinance No. 44 s. 1955 re banning the flying of kites and raising pigeons within the Davao International Airport.

Amendment to Ordinance No. 44 is to protect the traveling public from injury or death due to plane crashes or damaged aircraft. (PIA XI/prixdbanzon).


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