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Bringing you what’s new in the city and upcoming to Davao!

Now here are some good developments in Davao – businesswise

– THE Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) is pushing for the passage of a investment zoning ordinance for Davao City (contrary to the spot zoning that the city has right now).

– DCCCII is also pushing for the passage of a resolution for the establishment of the Food Terminal for Southern Mindanao in Davao City.

– The chamber is also asking the City Council to draft a beautification program for the city that would actively involve the private sector.

– Another program that the chamber is pushing is for the “greening” of the city in order to help address the rise of pollution and the adverse effects of global warming.

– The said concerns will further be discussed by the chamber in its 7th Davao City Business Conference on July 20th 2007.

^^ This is good. The local business sector and the local government are working hand in hand to fully enhance the competitiveness of the city. KUDOS to everyone!


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  1. Davao International Peace Congess says:

    Davao International Peace Congess Says:

    newsletters and other featured news in other sites will be posted at our DIPCON blog site to spread the wordpower! Keep it up guys! More Power Davaoenos!

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    Blog Site: Dipcon@yahoogroups.com

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