A New Davao Arises!

Bringing you what’s new in the city and upcoming to Davao!

This is the NEW DAVAO!

For the past few years, Davao has been metamorphosing and moving up to another level. Today, we see a global city on the rise. A city which is not only significant to the country’s progress but to the whole of South East Asia as well. Welcome to the New Davao.

Complementing the success that our forefathers have earned for Davao – the New Davao is  a bigger, more dynamic, more important, more entrepreneurial and self sufficient global city. It is a city which has balanced quality of life and economic and social progress. It is also becoming one of the catalysts of growth in the country. The new Davao is also becoming a major business hub in South East Asia.

The baton has already been passed to the new breed of Dabawenyos. We will continue the success and will build the better, more vibrant, and stronger Davao! A city with long term economic stability as a goal not only for the city and the region but for the whole country and South East Asia as well.

A Global Davao is on the rise!


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2 Responses

  1. Nice blog!
    Good for Davao!

  2. Davao International Peace Congess says:

    Davao International Peace Congess Says:

    newsletters and other featured news in other sites will be posted at our DIPCON blog site to spread the wordpower! Keep it up guys! More Power Davaoenos!

    Friendster Site:


    Blog Site: Dipcon@yahoogroups.com

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