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The Domino Effect – Hints from Cebu and Manila

Major call centers are now starting to relocate in Davao. Hmmm…what can I say? GOOD!

Three years ago, I left Davao City and moved to Metro Manila to work as one of the technical specialists in one of the contact centers in Ortigas Center. Then I moved to another company based in Makati and stayed for another year. I then requested to be transferred in Cebu and is now working as a travel specialist in our Cebu facility.

Oh, Im not starting to write my autobiography. What am I trying to say? Well, Im trying to connect all the years that I stayed away from my birth city Davao and see the major changes that happened in the cities that I’d resided in short period of time.

While I was in Ortigas Center, a number of skyscrapers were starting to be filled up. As a matter of fact, before I left Ortigas, new office spaces were in demand that newer buildings were being planned to be constructed. Malls expanded and newer retail and commercial areas were developed.

While I was in Makati, newer condominiums were constructed, a number of new office buildings were added to their list, and IT buildings and zones were proclaimed.

In Cebu, in less than a year of residing here, new IT zones were established, retail stores/outlets expanded, condominiums projects sprouted, and commercial skyscrapers are now being planned to be built.

The common denominator of the three cities? Their local economy soared!

Although, some Dabawenyo IT enthusiasts / practitioners did not consider the callcenter as a major force in the IT industry, here’s a universal fact…IT IS! Ive read blogs stating that Davao should focus more in software development or research and development, and should veer away from the call center fad. They said that we should develop Davao as a hardcore programming city. Of course, I do not have anything against those proposals. As a matter of fact, I do support them. However, we also need to accept the fact that in this new world and new economy – adaption is necessary for survival.

Let’s take Cebu and Makati for example. Two are internationally known as IT Hubs in the country. Before we envisioned Silicon Gulf (Davao’s IT industry), these two cities are major players in the global IT industry. But still they embrace the call center industry and now placed it as one of the major elements that drive our country’s IT industry. 

I guess everyone would agree that this is so obvious – the Domino Effect! Callcenter or the contact centers employ not a hundred but thousands of employees providing them higher wage rates and other incentives. This improves the purchasing power of a certain area. Higher purchasing power generally means more purchases. More purchases mean greater demands on certain items and services. Greater demands mean more income for the local businessmen. Bigger income means bigger sales. Bigger sales lead to more investors coming in. More investors mean lead to newer establishments and investments in tourism, retail, education, etc etc. More investments lead to more developments. More developments lead to more tourists. More tourists mean lead to bigger revenues of the local businessmen, local government, and so forth. And the effect would go on and on.

Let’s take those hints from Cebu and Manila. Expect for the domino effect and ride the incoming phenomenon. If you are a businessman, then you have an upcoming major and huge market with higher purchasing capacity – the call center employees. If you are an ordinary Dabawenyo entrepreneur, today is the right time to start planning of a business that can serve the needs of these fellas. If you are an average Dabawenyo, now is the time to start sharpening your skills to be part of these multinational companies.

 I’m excited that major call centers are now starting to put up their other facilities in Davao. Let us develop a Davao brand in the IT industry. I’m envisioning a nearer future when Davao’s name is synonimous to the Contact Center Industry. Hopefully, time would come that when an investor plans to put up a contact center business, he will have the top three sites in mind – Manila, Cebu, and Davao.


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  2. Davao International Peace Congess says:

    Davao International Peace Congess Says:

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