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More high-rises to be built in Davao

Several tall buildings are about to rise in Davao City said Architect Sonny Labao, president of the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) in Davao.

Labao who announced the holding of the PIA and ArchiQUEST Davao sponsored 5th Mindanao Design & Construction Fair from June 29 to July 1 at the Entertainment Plaza of SM City Davao said that the City really can boast on its real property boom.

He said the industry is doing good this year and better than last year and even few years back.

Although he did not named the investors about three buildings are being planned even as he said that investors are in the process of getting the necessary clearances and other related documents.

“These are local investors aiming to put up high rise building towards north,” he said.

He did not however name the investors but said the project includes construction of hotels in the city.

Labao said that the construction fair would feature 100 exhibit booths, free design consultancy, public lecture and product demonstrations.

Meanwhile Labao stressed that architects play an important role in building construction where building owners are given guidance not only on the latest designs but how to make it cost efficient.

He said in Davao City there is now a shift of building owners including those of low cost housing projects where architects are hired for them (owners) to be assured of good outcome of project designs that are done in tandem with the engineers.

On the other hand he said the number of practicing architects in Davao continue to increase where about 50 of them are actively doing business in the city and with the positive trend of construction in Davao these architects corner several projects where they (architects) get a minimum of five percent to a maximum of 10 percent of the cost of the project.

He said these architects are not only for high-end projects but are also into low-cost housing projects.

Labao said his involvement lately are in the construction of parish churches around Mindanao.


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