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Be an entrepreneur in Davao!

Davao City is the best place to be an entrepreneur. The support of the local government and the local business chamber is so evident. In fact, establishment of small businesses is the focus of Davao City Chamber of Commerce.

In line with this, I encourage my fellow young Dabawenyos to have an entrepreneurial culture. Today is the best time to start as we experience a robust growth in the local economy and a growing market base. Davao is the perfect place to start a business.

Employment is ok. But we cannot depend on employment for a long time. Entrepreneurship is one of the major key factors towards financial stability. Plus, we get to help our local economy and the society as well.

There are a lot of opportunities in Davao. From IT to retail, from service to food business, and export to tourism. Walk around Davao, and observe the trend.

The following are some of the reasons why it is best to be an entrepreneur in Davao.

          Cost of doing business is lower compared to other cities in the country.

          There is a vast opportunity for business growth considering its huge market base in Davao region, in Mindanao, and the entire East Asian Growth Area.

          More international tourists are coming to Davao – another market base.

          Simplified business registration and licensing through E-biz Davao or Davao Express Business Center (the first ever one stop business center in the country).

           Local investment incentives.


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