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Bringing you what’s new in the city and upcoming to Davao!

Davao Where?

Bajada Street

Davao City, modern metropolis bursting with life, verve and color, located in a land area of 244,000 hectares touted as the world’s largest in land area. This city, teeming with a vibrant populace, is one of the bustling hubs of commerce, education, tourism, arts, culture and wellness in the Philippines.


Situated in a typhoon-free zone with a dynamic, able support from the local government and harmonious synergy of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual peoples from different indigenous tribes, communities, migrant settlers and a large expatriate community, make this cosmopolitan city conducive for business, investments and tourism.


The gateway to the East ASEAN region, Davao City is a melting pot of diverse migrant and indigenous communities, resulting in a unique charm and culture that is woven into a rich tapestry of ethnic and contemporary styles.

Davao City’s slogan, “From Islands to Highlands” perfectly captures its wealth of attractions. The city boasts some of the finest beach and mountain resorts in the country, and close proximity to the Philippines’ most captivating diving spots as well as its highest peak, Mt Apo.

An ideal tourist destination, Davao has it all – cultural interludes, beautiful beaches, fascinating dive spots, and myriad opportunities to commune with nature at its finest.

from DavaoTourism and atfDavao // photos courtesy of ferrari1166 and tj_brewed of flickr


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2 Responses

  1. dobie says:

    i believe in the vast potential of Davao City. I wish there’s something concrete that i could do to help “metomorphosize” Davao City into a major business and commercial hub in SE Asia. 🙂

  2. zaynah says:

    Looks like a place i would love to visit!!! 🙂

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